8/27 Monday Night EotE

Justin – GM
Damon – Sandra – Explorer
James – Matus – Technician
Ken – Oskara – Bounty Hunter

Mos Shuto

Party starts at docked ship. We receive summons from Bargas Hutt. Okara owes obligation for killing one of Bargas’ bounty hunters. We proceed to Bargus’ mansion. There we receive orders to collect 100,000 credits from a mining planet that Bargus acquired in a gambling game. We take the job and are exiting when a scuffle between the Gomorean guards erupts. 6 guards challenge the mansion guards in a Gomoerean power struggle. Bargus offers to settle Oskara’s obligation if we “handle” the situation for him. We defeat the 6 Gomorean instigators and Bargus waives Oskara’s obligation. But offers payment for the job. After some negotiation, we agree on a 80/20 split and prepare to depart for the mining colony.

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